As Bob completes 10 years of dedicated service to Camptown, we would like to express our appreciation for his unwavering commitment to our mission. This was an expected transition in normal rhythms of board succession, and we are excited to announce Nate Browning as the newly appointed Board Chair. We are honored to have such a dedicated team leading us forward. -Brent Freeman & Camptown Staff

In a heartfelt letter to the Camptown community, our outgoing Board Chair, Robert Adler, reflected on his tenure with a profound sense of accomplishment and gratitude. He emphasized the organization’s remarkable growth and impact during his time, citing increased youth outreach, successful leadership transitions, and record-setting grant funding. As he steps back and transitions leadership to Nate Browning, he urged continued support for Camptown’s mission, emphasizing the importance of investing in the futures of Central Indiana’s youth and creating a culture of growth and opportunity for all.

Board Chair Nate Browning shared this to the Camptown family upon succession: “When I first joined Camptown, I wanted to find an organization that was making a difference in the community and connected to my personal passion for the outdoors. Whether it is creating opportunities for underrepresented youth to experience nature, or helping build life skills through companionship and collaboration, Camptown has been making impacts small and large for over 30 years. To see the work firsthand through volunteering, and as a member of the Board for the last 4 years, it has made the mission even more meaningful. Now as Chair, it is my hope and goal to ensure the hard work of the talented staff and leadership, as well as the vision and contributions of the Board, continue building on the strong foundation and help create opportunities for youth across Indianapolis.”

As we embark on this next chapter, guided by the leadership of Nate Browning and the unwavering support of our donors, we look forward to building upon our successes and creating a brighter future for youth across Central Indiana.