At Camptown, we know every child is full of wonder, hope, and curiosities waiting to be discovered. For many, we are their first introduction to the outdoors. Diana’s story is an example of how we cultivate existing passions into deeper purposes. Diana joined Camptown’s REACH for Nature program as a freshman at Indianapolis Metropolitan High School, a program designed for students facing educational barriers. She had a love of nature, often filling notebooks with botanical illustrations, but struggled to connect socially. In just two years, Diana blossomed! Through hard work, community service, and commitment to the Teen Master Naturalist certification, she exceeded the Indiana Department of Natural Resources requirements and obtained her credential. At the end-of-year celebration, Diana cried tears of joy, reflecting on her journey, the skills she developed, and the relationships she built. For many students, accolades like this don’t come easily. With support and resources, they realize their capabilities, gaining confidence to explore who they are and what they can be. We appreciate you being part of this process! The REACH for Nature program that benefited Diana and hundreds of students is winding down as post-pandemic funding decreases. To maintain progress, we are transitioning students to other Camptown programs like Wilderness Adventure Clubs (WAC). Both REACH and WAC are offered free at partner schools, providing vital out-of-school support. Diana’s journey from a shy freshman to a confident Teen Master Naturalist shows what we can achieve together. With your support, more kids can face and overcome challenges, discover passions, build confidence, and achieve goals. Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to support our incredible students and help them reach new heights. Thank you for being a crucial part of our community and empowering the next generation of nature enthusiasts.