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Packing Your Pack

When backpacking, how you pack your pack is almost as important as what you pack. An off balance pack can become very uncomfortable down the trail. During our pre-trip training classes, we teach the ABC’s of packing your pack: Accessibility, Balance, Compaction. You...

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In Their Words

This is a three part series of stories from students from one of our backpacking trips this year.  As the title implies these are their own words.  I hope you enjoy reading of the impact of each of these students’ wilderness experience My story is kinda like...

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Top 10 Adventure Books

Top 10 Adventure Books -While in the midst of winter, if you are like me, the cold weather has you inside more than warmer weather.  At Camptown, we still have groups going out, but not like the other seasons. While you are inside during this season, why not throw...

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